Line Slots - Single and Multi Pay Line Slot Machines

Line Slots or also known as payline slot machines have at least one line, which can generate winning combinations. Online casinos offer a wide variety of line slots machines, which have a one payline, three, four, five, nine, ten or even 100 lines. The more lines slot machine has the more chances to win you have, because if a slot machine has 5 paylines you can generate winning combinations only of these 5 lines, but if an online slot game has 100 lines, then you can enable 100 paylines and win almost each spin, because active 100 lines give maximum chances to generate winning combinations.

Line Casino Slots have many features including free spins, bonus games, gamble bonus games, expending wilds, scatters, which give you additional chances to win some massive prizes. For example, scatter symbols can generate you scatter winning combinations on lines which are even not enabled. Wild symbols can substitute for other symbols to complete winning combinations on enabled pay lines. With free spins you can spin your line slot machine for free and win real prizes. In bonus games line slot machines usually award you prizes, bonuses, additional multipliers. With gamble feature you can try your luck and gamble your current win.

Line slot machines are very interesting and offers many chances to win, but you should know that the more lines are enabled the higher bet each spin has.

Payline slot games have the main two categories: Single Line slots and Multi Line slots. Let's review these categories.

Single Line Slots

Single line slots are online slot machines with a one line, this means that you can win only on this line. Also such slots are called classic slot machines. To understand what single line slot machines are, we'll review popular classic machines.

Safe Cracker is a single payline slot machine powered by Cryptologic. This slot machine has a one payline and three reels. Safe Cracker slot has eight winning combinations which can be generated only on this payline. It's a simple classic slot machine which does not require any skills. And with this single line slot game you have a chance to win up to 20,000 coins. Just land three Pot of Gold symbols on the single payline with a 3 coin bet and hit the main jackpot. Unfortunately Safe Cracker slot machine is not available for players from USA.

Play Safe Cracker Single Pay Line Slot at Vip Slots

Sevens and Bars is another standard classic slot machine with a single payline. The game has 12 winning combinations, and a highest jackpot worth 2500 coins. Also this single line slot machine has a feature which triples your current win if you receive three 7's symbols in each color (red, white, blue) in any order on the line. Sevens and Bars slot game is available for all players including USA players.

Play Sevens and Bars Single Line Slot Machine at Slots of Fortune

Surf Paradise is a 2 coin single pay line slot machine with 10 winning combinations. A highest jackpot is 2000 coins which can be won if you get three Wave symbols on the pay line. Surf Paradise is a classic single line slot machine that does not have any scatters and wild symbols. Surf Paradise is also available for players from USA and other countries.

Play Surf Paradise Single Line Slot at Superior Casino


Multi Line Slots

Multi line slot games are online slots with multiple pay lines, which give you additional ways to win, because the more lines you activate the more ways you have to generate winning combinations. Multiline slot games have at least two lines. The most popular slot machines are 5 line slots, 9 line games, 15 line machines, 20 line slots, 25 line slots games. Also you can find 50 line, 60 line or even 100 line video slots. Usually multi payline slot machines have interesting features like bonus games, bonus symbols, free games and etc. Also they have high jackpots including massive progressive jackpots which can start at $1 million. Of course, multiline slots are more interesting than single line slots, so let's look at the most popular slot machines with multiple pay lines.

Diamond Valley Pro is a 20 pay line slot machine with 5 reels. This multiline slot game has scatter symbols, which can generate scatter winning combinations on any lines; a wild symbol, which can replace other symbols and complete a winning combinations; a gamble bonus game, where you can gamble your current win and increase or lose it; and a bonus game, where you will need to choose characters to collect free spins and your multiplier for these free spins. A highest jackpot is 10,000 coins, which can be generated by five wild symbols landing on an enabled pay line. This multi line slot machine is not available for players from USA.

Play Diamond Valley Pro Multi Line Slot at Bet365 Casino

Wok and Roll is a 25 multi line slot machine powered by Real Time Gaming, this means that players from USA also can play this slot game. Wok and Roll has 8 winning combinations, which can award you up to 5000 coins; and two progressive jackpots which can be triggered randomly at any spin. Scatters can generate scatter winnings and award you up to 200 times your bet and 8 free spins, if three or more symbols displayed on any lines, even if they are not enabled. Wok and Roll multi line slot have many other interesting features like "˜Wok and Roll" and "˜Chefs" features, where you can win additional 10 free spins and up to a 10x multiplier. 25 lines give you many chances to win and to generate massive jackpots, so don't wait and start winning now!

Play Wok and Roll Multi Pay Line Slot at Club USA

Summer Holiday Slot is a 100 pay line slot machine powered by Microgaming. Yes, you have 100 pay lines and 10 winning combinations! Summer Holiday multi line slot game has many other features like a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, free spins bonus game where you can win up to 25 free spins at a 3x multiplier. With Summer Holiday multi payline slot machine you can win up to 2,250,000!

Play Summer Holiday Multiline Slot Machine at Spin Palace


Multi Line slots cover a wide range of games in online casinos. The variety of games is endless and there are new ones coming out every single month at most slots casinos. By far the most popular online slots, multi paylines mean having more than 5 paylines, anything 5 and under is considered a classic or standard slot game, multi line slots have from 7 to 100 paylines and every single one of them can be a winner for the online slot player!

Coin Range on a Multi line slot game - Most slots that have multiple paylines have a coin range that starts as low as 1 cent per line bet and goes up to a 50 cent per line bet. You may find some casino software programs will let you bet as high as $30 per line on some multi payline slots, but it's not the standard but the exception. You also can take into consideration how many coins per line you can bet, the standard on most casino software ranges between 5 through 20 coins per line. So when betting a max bet of 50 cents per line and a max of 20 coins your talking a $100 bet that could end up making you thousands and a very happy slot player!

Extra Features - Most multiline slot games come with some great extra features like wild symbols, multipliers, scatter icons, bonus rounds, free spins, animated symbols and awesome sound and visual graphics. The graphic department of all online casinos have grown so much since the start of online gaming its amazing the detail and creativity put into these beautiful looking slot games. Also included in Microgaming slots is a fantastic gamble feature where after each winning spin you have the choice to either keep your winnings or hit the "gamble" button on the bottom of the slot screen and be taken to a screen where you will either play a card game where you need to decide if the next card in the deck will be "red" or "black". Guess right and you double your winnings, guess wrong and lose what you just won on that last spin. If you win, you will now be given the choice to double or nothing! Be careful you may like this feature so much you may play your favorite slot game just to get to the gamble feature! One more great asset to multi payline slots is it's entirely your choice whether to bet on all the paylines, or just one, two, three.ect.. The choice is entirely yours, you have total control on how you play and how much you bet.

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